Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Calibers do you keep stocked?

This post over at Snowflakes in Hell inspired me to make a list of my own.

I consider my stockpile to be dangerously low at the moment, but I'm not willing to pay the premium being charged for ammunition these days, especially since I'm just beginning to get into reloading.

In random order.

1. 7.62x39mm - My go-to SHTF round. Roughly 1000 rds, not nearly enough. About 500 rds ready to go in 30 and 40 round magazines, with one 100 rd drum.

2. .45 - My carry pistol, about 700 rounds mix of ball and defensive HP, 10 magazines full

3. 9mm - I just use this for target shooting, so only about 100-150 rounds at a time

4. .22 - Usually a brick or two, I'm in the market for a .22 pistol or a .22 slide for my 1911, so I'll being stocking a bit more in the future.

5. .38 Special - 100 rounds or so for target practice with my wheelgun.

6. .357 - About 50 rounds for when I OC my wheelgun.

7. 30-06 - Primary hunting and precision shooting ammo. 400 rounds, mostly Korean surplus M2 Ball, about 100 rounds of Federal and Black Hills 168gr match. My Garand is on the way from CMP with another ~200 rds in stripper clips, and I've also recently acquired a reloading setup for 30-06.

8. .380 ACP - Ammo for my BUG, about 100 rds assorted.

9. .17 HMR - 150 or so rounds for varmint and paper punching.

10. 12 gauge - not really sure, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 rounds, assortment of all types, from tactical slug to target load.

11. Can't forget the blackpowder. My only limit is primers, as I can manufacture the powder, ball, etc. myself.

Used to have a .40 XD but swapped it for a .380 BUG a while ago. If I every buy a dedicated competition gun it will be a .40.

I should start stocking up on .223 awaiting my AR upper, but the prices are thru the roof.

I'm seriously considering getting a Mosin-Nagant, SVT-40, or Dragunov copy so I can shoot the extremely cheap but powerful (and corrosive) 7.62x54R.

Nonetheless, I consider myself a below average firearm collector, but my meager ammunition stockpile is enough to give the anti's a coronary, and I would most certainly be affected by some of the anti-"stockpile" legislation that has been proposed.

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  1. John C. Bystrom comments (he left them on the wrong post)

    I'm keeping the following:

    SAR2 AK74... 2280 of 5.45x39
    S/W AR15 860 of 5.56 NATO 55 grain
    Ruskie Tula SKS 1400 of 7.62x39
    Winchester 94AE..1200 round of .357 Magnum
    Winchester 94... 332 rounds of 30/30
    Marlin 1895g 60 rounds of 45/70
    Ithaca 37 248 rounds of 12 guage
    Glock 36 140 rounds of .45 acp
    S/W J-frame 80 rounds of .38+p

    John C. Bystrom