Monday, January 26, 2009

Update to VCU Disarmament Policy

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Lots of informative discussion on this thread at VA OCDO.

Looks like being asked to leave, and charged with trespass if you refuse is covered.

When the accused is a licensee, invitee, or visitor, authorization to remain on the campus or other facilities used by the university may be withdrawn, and he may be directed to leave the premises. Failure to leave or unauthorized return may subject the individual to applicable penalties under city, county, or state laws. A licensee, invitee, or visitor may petition the president of the university in writing to authorize a hearing before the University Hearing Board to determine whether there are proper and sufficient grounds for being excluded from university premises. The University Hearing Board shall present its recommendations directly to the president. There will be no further appeal.
From 8VAC90-10-150. Penalties against a licensee or invitee.

Thanks to TexasNative for pointing this out.

The question remains, what rights does a Virginia citizen have to be on the property of a Virginia public university.

EDIT: Some who are not familiar with the City of Richmond may ask, "why is this a big issue, just stay away from VCU." Unfortunately, VCU sprawls across the city, from the capital all the way to the edge of the Fan residential district. It is very difficult to enter, exit, or travel through large parts of the city without passing through the university.

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