Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is why I carry (and you should too)

Because there are a whole bunch of absolutely crazy folk out there.

Woman goes into an electronics store with a bow (and arrows) and a fake gun, shoots one fella, then at least 2 other employees with CCWs draw and fire on her. She retreats, and when police arrive to rescue the man down, she nocks another arrow, prompting police to fire on her.

Amazingly, she's in "fair" condition after sustaining multiple GSWs from at least 3 shooters. Seems like they need to either spend more time on the range or seriously reconsider their choice of caliber.

First seen here

Update: Apparently CCW #1 put multiple rounds of .380 in her, CCW #2 fired over her head to try to scare her, and she kept at it until police arrived 25 minutes later. CCW #2 fired over her head because she was apparently the mentally disturbed daughter of a fellow employee.

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