Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nice timing

I've recently blogged about the disarmament policy at Virginia Commonwealth university.

Well the timing couldn't be better, because the man in charge of enforcing that policy, VCU Chief of Police William Fuller, was just arrested for soliciting sex from a 14-year old girl.

Read the story here

Even better, when a student applies in writing to the president of the university for permission to carry as per Virginia Code 8VAC90-10-50, they receive a letter of denial from this man's office.


  1. yeah as my grandaddy used to say... "ignorance will get you into trouble, arrogance will keep you there."

    William Fuller seems to have put himself in a bind. I am always amused how the haughty seem to find themselves heading straight to the bottom.

  2. "hotcop2006"

    Good one dumbass!

    Now let's see if your underling has a different idea than yours about ccw...I could sure use one, my birthday is in march...

  3. Captain (now Acting Chief) Edwards actually is in one of my classes. A very friendly, respectful, and intelligent man.

    We'll see what his stand is on disarmament.

  4. well if it is favorable, don't mob him, otherwise the antis will be onto us...let vcdl do their thing...?