Monday, January 26, 2009

New Shotgun Sights

Article here. Makes me realize that I really,really need to go to SHOT Show.

Although I prefer red-dot CCO's for speed with my tactical shotty, these seem like a great backup, and nearly as fast. The concept behind them, simply put the tip of the triangle where you want to hit is so simple I am amazed we haven't seen it before on iron sights.


  1. My comment?

    A 5" pistol sight plane on a SG just doesn't look like a good idea. Whats wrong with the 20" plane that the gun came with?

  2. Agreed, however when mounting optics on a receiver mounted m1913 rail, it is challenging to mount full length sights, have them useable while the optic is mounted, and especially cowitness the sights. I'm looking at these as a BUIS.

    This also is attractive as a no-gunsmithing option for the less mechanically inclined out there.