Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to be a better victim

My university, in its infinite wisdom, has published advice to students on how to bend over and take it, err, I mean be a better victim.

From the University Student Health Services:

A student from New York came up with the “Two-Wallet Strategy” that he uses when out socializing. This strategy involves putting money and an ID into one wallet and putting money and a different ID into a second wallet or pocket. This way, if a mugger demands your money, you can give one wallet or pocket — but you will still have what’s in the other to help you get home.

Inspired by this student's strategy, we have created the “Safety Wallet.” It’s full of other innovative strategies for staying safe when you’re out socializing, such as the “Watch Your BAC” Strategy and the Party Smart Guide! You can get a free Safety Wallet at The Well as long as supplies last, so come by and pick one up!

To give some perspective, this is the largest university in the state, with somewhere in the range of 35,000 students and faculty. It is an urban campus, where it is impossible to travel from one building to another without traveling outside of university property. It also exists in a city that is usually listed in the top ten per capita for violent crime and murder.

If thats not bad enough, legally carrying a weapon for self-defense is against school policy, and may be against state law.

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