Friday, October 23, 2009

JPFO alerts us (and the BATFE) to backdoor gun registration

Link here

Go and read the whole thing.

Long story short, the ATF has created and is building a registry of American gun owners, including name, address, and make, model, serial number of the gun.

While it is based off of records from FFLs who have died or gone out of business, it includes 380 million (!) records and is growing by 1 million records a month. This is in direct violation of a handful of laws, including the 1986 Firearm Owner's Protection Act, and a handful of appropriation bills.

If this isn't enough, this information is being freely shared with foreign governments, including the United Nations, Mexico, and Columbia. Since when did Congress grant the BATFE power to surrender United States sovereignty to foreign powers?

Oh, this computerized registry is also sortable by firearm caliber or type, i.e. .50 cal or assault rifle chamberings. Coincidence?

Hat tip to War on Guns