Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ivory Towers of Education

Received this in my e-mail as part of a weekly "telegram to students"

A Socialist Perspective of the Gaza Conflict
International Students for Social Equality will give a lecture analyzing the history of the Gaza conflict from a socialist perspective on Thursday, Jan. 22, at noon in the University Student Commons, Virginia Room B. This event is free. For more information, contact

Sponsored by the World Socialist Web Site and International Committee of the Fourth International.

I see on a regular basis students sporting Keffiyeh's, pro-Palestinian propaganda on bulletin boards, and now this "Hands off Gaza!" lecture/rally. And all this at what is considered a relatively conservative state public university.

I invoke Godwin, and see no difference between keffiyah sporting socialists and swastika armband wearing Hitler Youth. While I sympathize somewhat with the plight of the Palestinian people, Israel is going after a terrorist group who preaches and practices the elimination of all Jews in Israel. Oh, and the Palestinian people elected this same group to govern them.

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