Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stop buying cheap ammo! (from Walmart)

As ride the falling wave of the Obama guns and ammo buying craze, many threads on various 2A discussion forums are focused on where to buy cheap (and in stock) ammo. Invariably Walmart is a popular suggestion, with some threads keeping running updates on the status of the ammo shelf at the local Wally World.

I have a problem with this, because Walmart is a blantantly anti-gun and anti-freedom corporation. If you care at all about the preservation of 2A rights, and the regaining of some of those natural rights we have lost over the years, you will boycott Walmart.

Generally folk who consider themselves 2A supporters don't patronize anti-gun businesses that do not allow lawful concealed or open carry, we should apply the same criteria to businesses that support anti-rights groups.

Walmart is one of those businesses. They are in bed with Bloomberg, the Brady Bunch, Micheal Moore and a bunch more anti's.

Notice how they have been shutting down more and more gun counters? No more handguns. All of this as a result of Micheal Moore and the Brady Brunch's post Columbine blood dance.

No "handgun" ammo for someone without a photo ID proving they are over 21. "Handgun" ammo to them means any round that can be fired by a handgun, including .22 Long Rifle.

And now videotaping every firearm purchaser, as well as maintaining a registry of people who buy both guns and ammunition.

And this gem

If a person who buys a gun linked to a crime were to return to a Wal-Mart to buy another gun, the purchase would be flagged. It would then be up to the store whether to permit the purchase.

So if a gun is stolen from me, and I report it stolen (linked to a crime), I may not be able to buy another gun from Walmart.

This one worries me too

When fully put into effect, the agreement would also prohibit the sale of a gun to someone whose background check comes back with inconclusive results.

I have no idea what qualifies as "inconclusive"

Walmart is not the only game in town for cheap ammo. If you aren't going to support your local FFL, you might as well shop online. Even with shipping, you can get ammo online cheaper than Walmart.

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