Friday, November 6, 2009

News Flash! VA CHPs cause mass murder!

According to Dan Casey of the Roanoke Times

One interesting note, among many: Hasan was issued a Virginia concealed handgun permit by the Roanoke County Circuit Court in 1996.

This of course was derived from a FOIA request by the paper to the VA State Police for names and home addresses of all CHP permit holders in the state. A list including undercover police officers and persons in witness protection programs. The Roanoke Times publish the complete list... and only later removed it after public outcry. Seems they have kept those records open to their so called "journalists."

Some of the comments are gems... some, including Dan Casey, arguing that his faith was as irrelevant as his MD, or being a Tech grad.

To quote commenter Walker, someone who gets it:

Most doctors don't recite their code of ethics before killing 13 people. I guess yelling "Alluha Akbar " before he began shooting has no bearing on this.
I added my own comments, it is apparent to me that Dan Casey doesn't trust the US military with guns.

Link to the whole mess

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