Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thoughts on the election results

I predict that the combination of McDonnell and AG Cucinelli in VA, bi-partisan pro-2A support in the state congress, and the continued efforts of the VCDL will push Virginia to the forefront of the pro-gun and pro-freedom political sphere.

As it should be.

First on the list will be to remove the inane CC ban in restaurants, which has already been passed twice by the state Senate and House of Delegates. Hopefully state preemption of public universities prohibition of firearms through policy will follow.

If you live in Virginia, and care about gun rights, join the VCDL. They are the guys behind the scenes that will push this legislation forward.

Hell, even if you don't, the VCDL has done more for gun rights in the past 5 years than most national 2A organizations, and deserves your support.

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