Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groups and Pictures

Found my camera, so I'll throw up some pictures of the groups I've been getting with my custom Rem 700 30-06. This is definitely a sub-.25 MOA capable rifle, and the reason the groups are larger than that is 5% ammo, 95% shooter, and 0% rifle.

These are some of my better groups, all but the lower right is Black Hills 168gr Match. The bottom right one is my best group from my first go at handloading. Bottom left is .233 MOA, my best, with the exception of the 5 shot group explained a little further down.

(Click on any of the pictures to make them scary big)

Another 3-shot group with my reloads, this time using Federal brass. .695"-.308"= .387 MOA

5-shot group, nothing special. However, shot 1 was high center. shot 2 was left, and the next 3 punched a ragged .1 MOA hole. My best 3-shot string so far, I just wish I hadn't screwed up the first 2.

Another 5-shot group (.889"-.308'=.581 MOA)

And lastly my rifle. Her name is Eve. She's not as pretty as the lady who usually shares my bed, but she's pretty enough for me.

Rem 700 long-action, Brux straight taper heavy barrel, Bell and Carlson stock w/ aluminum bedding block (and skim bedded), custom ground recoil lug, Mueller Tactical 4-16x40 Illum Mil-dot scope, Leupold Mk4 rings on snipercentral.com 15 MOA bases, Tac-ops cheekpiece, harris bipod.

Action work (and other work) done by Billy Dale

(Excuse the crappy pictures...I need to get better lighting.)

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